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Our mission is to provide quality, creative, and dynamic legal services to individuals undergoing the stress of a divorce, custody matter or other domestic conflict. 

We strive to provide those services in a manner that shows respect for the client and promotes trust.  We seek to help the client gain an awareness of his or her role in the legal system so that he or she feels secure and well-informed.


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As our valued client, you have the following rights:

1.  To have your calls returned promptly;
2.  To be kept up-to-date about your case;
3.  To receive competent, zealous representation;
4.  To be treated with honesty & integrity;
5.  To have your legal matters handled in a sensible, cost-conscious fashion;
6.  To your attorney’s full commitment to your interests;
7.  To have your matter viewed and treated with constant vision toward your long-term financial and emotional well-being.

Post-Decree Matters

Family Law Attorney

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Client's Bill of Rights

Phyl Bean is a family law attorney with over 26 years of litigation experience.  Phyl graduated from George Mason University School of Law in 1991, and practiced in Florida and Virginia before moving to Minnesota in 2004.  

Phyl is passionate about the practice of family law. She recognizes that clients invest significantly in their family law matters, both financially and emotionally.  It is generally in a client's best interest to settle if the case can be resolved amicably and fairly.  Sometimes, however, because of various factors which may include a spouse's alcohol or substance abuse, mental illness, or just an angry or hurt spouse who refuses to agree to a fair settlement, matters must be litigated.  In those cases, Phyl will fight to protect her clients’ rights.  Of course, results cannot be guaranteed in any matter involving litigation, but Phyl does guarantee that she will use every reasonable means at her disposal to protect her clients' rights. 

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